2 pfsensen routers connected over wifi as fall over system

  • Hi I was wondering if it's possible to connect to pfsense routers over wifi with each other and use each others adsl connection as fall over system.
    So if my internet fails I can use my neighbours internet and if the neighbours internet fails he can use mine. It would be best if it happens automatic.
    Is that possible? I can imagine u can set the wifi connection as wan and configure it as multi wan but does it work if you do that on both sides?
    And is it a good way to connect the two of them or are there much better ways to do this?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    As long as you both do outbound NAT on the wifi interface, and do outbound NAT for the wifi interface subnet, then it should be fine if you do it that way.

    You'd need to use manual outbound NAT since automatic outbound NAT would not work for that kind of scenario.

    You'd also need to make sure the wifi interface firewall rules allow the traffic from them out to the internet (but you may want to block it from reaching your LAN, unless you really want them to poke around in your LAN.

    With the wifi interface set like a wan (with a gateway, etc) then you can setup a gateway group and do whatever you like with the traffic.

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