How to only allow source dyndns type host(s) to certain port

  • I want to restrict a port to only 4-5 friends who have there ip address change and all use dyndns type hosts . When I enter in the dyndns host url into the source I get

    dyndnshost.domainhere is not a valid source IP address or alias

    Is this just not possible is there a trick to this.  I have searched diffrent terms I am not finding anything on this.  maybe I missed something in the forums. can some one let me know or link or the trick

    would really help with security locking things down. I am sure there has got to be othere folks who need or would like to do this

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Hostnames are supported, but only inside aliases.

    Firewall > Aliases, click +, give it a name, set the type to 'host', and then click + and add each of the dnsdns hosts you want at the bottom.

    Then use that alias name in the firewall rule.

    Hostnames in aliases are periodically re-resolved and updated when new records are found.

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