ADSL Modems working with pfsense (UK)

  • Can anyone advise me on an internal adsl pci modem that works well with pfsense (I'm in the UK)

    Sorry if Ive missed something but I have never used internal adsl cards so any help would be usefull.


  • We currently do not support any built in modems. Only ethernet type interfaces are supported.

  • Thanks, what setup would you recommend when needing to connect to ADSL broadband and wanting to use pfsense? Or is pfsense not the best solution in this case?

  • An ordinary "dumb" tranparent adsl-modem with ethernet will do.

  • ic, thanks for the help.

  • Would I be right in saying there is more Latency using a "dumb" tranparent adsl-modem with ethernet? A pci modem would give better performance?

  • less than a milisecond usually.

  • It looks as though the Sangoma S518 ADSL PCI card works in FreeBSD 6.x, using a driver from the Sangoma FTP server.  So I don't know how much grief and hassle would be involved to build a pfSense image with that driver integrated into it…,2558.msg29385.html#msg29385

    Can anyone recommend a USB ADSL adaptor that works well with pfSense here in the UK?

  • Cheers for the info. I don't think any adsl modems work with pfsense at the moment. You would have to find out what is supported by FreeBSD and when (if) the ability to use ADSL is implemented in pfsense those ones should work.

    (Correct me if I'm wrong)

  • I would advise you that bridge it as well, do you know what type of authentication you will have to be sending?

  • I think all the ADSL modems I have setup use PPoA. What do you mean when you say to bridge it?

  • Look for an option that says transparent bridging.  Your dsl will basically becomes dumb, just another stop on the way.  Then have pfsense send PPPoE username and password and see how it works out for you.

  • Thought I would reply to my original post rather than start a new one, hope that's cool.

    Basically I have setup a few ADSL connections over the last few months and cannot get a satisfactory setup unless I use Smoothwall with a BeWAN ADSL PCI st Modem card. Thing is, I don't want to have to use Smoothwall, in many cases I would rather use pfSense.

    So accepting pfSense supports no PCI ADSL cards, what external ADSL modems do people recommend that can be used without NAT, dumb or in ZIPB bridge mode?

    It seems to be quite a task to find an ADSL modem that does not attempt to be a router or turn off NAT on one that does.

    Thanks  :)

  • I am in the UK and use a D-link but any of the better modems that support bridge mode should work that way you can make pfsense do all the real work (the modem just converts from BTs ATM to Ethernet on your side)

  • I have previously used a DLink ADSL modem/router (DSL-300T I think) in this type of configuration with some success (there were problems, but it wasn't the fault of the DLink kit).

  • Have a look

    The vigor100 is very good
    there is an ADSL nation one I think

    The main things you want is a modem that is a fully transparant bridge. They will hand the IP address to the PFsense box and pfsense will never know about the modem. I have had mine running like this for over a year now and had no problems.

    To get pfsense to work you just setup a PPPoA connection on the wan port. PFsense does not have the PPPoA capablities as far as I know so a PCI modem wouldn't work anyway even if you did have the drivers. Only AOL used PPPOE.

    Bewarned for Bethere they work in a compleatly different way and the vigor100 has beta firmware that may work.

  • PPPOE works just fine in my experience even if the provider specifies PPPOA, this will vary by provider however.

  • :) Thanks for all the replies guys, should be able to find a solution now!

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