Routing entries - is there any limit? [ANSWERED]

  • Well,

    as far I see all devices like:

    • switches
    • small hardware routers
    • and others
      ALL have one limitation: 32 static entries in the routing table.

    What about pfSense? Is there any limit of General -> Routing -> Routes section?

  • As far as I know the FreeBSD routing table size is only limited by RAM, and I guess it is the same for the pfsense one.

  • So another "+1" for pfSense OS.. ;D

  • The limit would be at what point the XML gets so big it causes performance degradation. That's so high that it's WAY beyond what any sane network would have in static routes, I've seen systems with hundreds of static routes on slow hardware with no impact, could easily do many thousands. Beyond a few hundred you probably aren't routing very optimally, or should be using a dynamic routing protocol. People run the BGP package with multiple full Internet routing table feeds, that's over 350,000 routes in the routing table, and 2-3+ times that in BGP.