RIP & Routed & Failover

  • Hey All,

    I have two routers providing links to the Internet which broadcast their available routes via RIP (we have two links to two different ISPs, a T1 and ADSL with one RIPable router on each).

    Thanks to Billm, we are now able to set up pfSense and RIP.  I have two pfsense boxes using CARP for failover.  I'd like them to both get their gateway via the RIP advertised routes so that either of them can use either Internet link (without being directly connected to both).  However, it seems that the WAN interface requires a static gateway (enforced by the GUI).  My understanding based on reading the routed man page is that the static route will always take precedence over the RIP routes.  Is this interpretation correct?

    Is there a way that the pfSense WAN interface can use the dynamic RIP routes to allow for fail-over of our T1 and ADSL links?

    Thanks very much!


  • you can remove the gateway from the config xml we do this with quagga and ospfd and all works well. remember the route injected into on boot will get removed by ripd if needed anyway

  • Cool!  Thanks, aldo.


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