Can it handle failover over dual wan? Works with both ADSL & Cable modem?

  • Hi guys, I LOVE this firewall
    I have a question, I've read in the FAQ that it supports load balancing but not failover… is this true?

    I mean, I want to create a network with 2 wans out to the Internet and need Pfsense to select the online link if the other is down, can it do it?
    Also, I think I'm gonna have to get an ADSL connection of a different company,  I have cable now... can Pfsense handle a mix? And what if I get 2 cable modems of different ISPs?


  • 1.0.1 only did round-robin loadbalance- used both lines if available.
    1.2 and the beta snapshots will do failover- use WAN unless WAN fails, then use OPT1, etc.

    The provider should not matter as long as you can get an IP on pfSense via DHCP, PPPoE, static addressing… The IP should be a public IP unless absolutely unavoidable...

  • Great :D ! I've found 1.2 beta here:

    Is it stable enough to use?
    Will it be upgradable to 1.2 non beta when it comes out?

    Thanks for the quick answer, mate !

    Edit: I've found a guide to do this with beta 3 at Pfsense's wiki. But I can only see beta1 to download at the official site.
    Will it work as said by the guide on beta 1? Which one is newer?

  • The 1.2beta release are actually the most stable releases available  atm (I even would prefer them over a 1.0.1 stable). You'll be able to upgrade them to the final 1.2 once it comes out without problems via the webgui. The official documentation at http://doc.pfsense.rg will work fine for the 1.2 releases.

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