LED Meanings on alix systems

  • Apologies in advance if this has been addressed already, but what are the meanings of the 3 LEDs on the front panels?
    I have an alix board and i'm running 2.0.1-RELEASE Embedded.

    Near as I can tell, there are three patterns the LEDs follow.
    1. First lamp lit. Obviously this indicates power.
    2. A sweep side to side reminiscent of a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica. I have no idea what this means.
    3. First lamp blinks S.O.S in Morse. At first I thought this meant something terrible happened, but then when I checked it out I had an alert message, it cleared when I acknowledged it.

    What does the Cylon sweep mean? It happens when the system is powering on and restarting, but it also sweeps during normal use, it's not obvious to me what for or what's changed to cause it to do that.

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    1. You're right
    2. That's what it does when it's booting up (it's actually like KITT from Knight Rider but I suppose a Cylon works too ;-)
    3. That means there is a system notification, it could be something bad (like filter rules failing to load) or just that ssh keys have been generated. It does require logging into the GUI to clear.

    The LEDs should never "sweep" during normal use. The only place that invokes that function happens during bootup.

    There are some other packages like blinkled and gwled that can further alter the behavior of the LEDs.

  • I've been looking into the sweeping after bootup issue. It seems that when a startup service fails, it keeps the leds sweeping.
    I had a look at the beastie while it was starting up over the serial port, and noticed that I was having cron die immediately after starting up. I looked into the crontab. There was an entry for squid that didn't get removed when I uninstalled the package. After removing it, it seems to have cleared up the problem.

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