Installation in FreeBSD jails, not supported?

  • I'm fairly new to FreeBSD and just stumbled upon pfSense, an awesome project.
    What puzzles me a little bit is, AFAIK, that no installation script exists to deploy pfSense inside a jail on a FreeBSD host.

    I mean, I've done some googlin' and searched these forums. In some posts it was even suggested to install virtualbox-headless and then install pfSense as a VM but, wouldn't it be easier and lighter to do it in a jail?

    Am I missing something obvious here?  ???

  • @jm234:

    Am I missing something obvious here?  ???

    I'm not sure but I think jails does not have full networking support that pfsense need's to run properly.

  • We're big fans of jails, this server and all our others run in jails. Can't do the things a firewall needs to do when running within a jail though. They're great for server type uses, not possible for something like a firewall though.

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