Zebedee to encrypt radius pap authentication?

  • Hi,
    I have my pfsense firewall authenticating users to a Windows 2008 server running NPS.  It appears that PAP is the only supported means to authenticate users in this fashion.  So in order to secure these communications, it looks like zebedee may be a good choice as it can encrypt UDP communications.  I noticed that there is a zebedee beta package for PFsense, which I've installed.  However, I've been unable to locate any pfsense documentation for it.  The GUI appears to support settings for zebedee as a client and server, but its unclear to me how to configure it.  In my circumstance, I'd be interested in configuring Pfsense as the client and the windows 2008 server as the zebedee server.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how  to configure this or am I better office just installing the zebedee freebsd port and foregoing the pfsense variant?

  • sdb1031,

    take a look on zeebedee tutorials at http://www.winton.org.uk/zebedee/manual.html.

    There you will find how to configure the server on 2008 and the client at pfsense.

    The gui was built to be a server, but if you need/want you custom config, you can install package filer and save your own config and startup script at pfsense.

    Marcello Coutinho

  • Thank you Marcello.  Knowing that pfsense is designed to be a zebedee server and not a client has saved me some time.  I'll give your suggestion a try.


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