Multiple Network Passing Tunnel

  • below are my configuration –-------                                                  LAN                WAN                    WAN                  LAN ---------- switch with routing interface -------------PFSense A-------- Internet---------PFSense B---------- ----------                                

    All the 3 network behind PFSense A will need to access to Network behind PFSense B using IPSEC Tunnel.

    1. To Configure IPSec Tunnel in PFSense A, under local subnet, what is the type i should choose? If for type Network, how i can add in multiple network entries?

    2. To Configure IPSec Tunnel in PFSense B, under remote subnet, what entry i should put in since I have total 3 networks need to access?

  • Please search the forum, this has been answered in detail already several times.

  • thanks Hoba.

    I had searched the forum, the advice is having parallel tunnel with unique identifier.

    1. In the IPSec Tunnel setting, in phase 1, i choose identifier as My IP address and in pre-shared secret, i put in the entry identifier - IP of the box at remote site and the shared secret. In order to have unique identifier as mention, i will not use My IP address? Sorry I am a bit blur in this Identifier setting.

    2. If the tunnel i pair up with a checkpoint firewall, so at the checkpoint side i will need to create multiple tunnel also? In check point i did not see any setting for identified? how i can make the tunnel unique?

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