DialUP and DialIn - possible?

  • Hi

    I need use DialUp connection to provider and DialIn from far workstation
    It's possible? Any package or port for FreeBSD?

  • No, there is no support for this.  Purchase a modem with a Ethernet card and attach it to a interface.

  • What exactly do you mean by dialup connection? As in the box will be getting Internet access via a modem?? (shudder), or that you will connect to the Internet via modem? And by DialIn you mean you want to dial a modem to get access to configure the firewall? This could be done with a junk machine running FreeBSD on the LAN- you could dial up a modem on the box, then ssh to the firewall. The FreeBSD handbooks has some notes on this: http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/dialup.html

  • Hi
    Dial Up - internet connection with 33.6-52kB modem trough COM port
    Dial In - incomping connection from remote computer to pfSense trough modem\COM port. Need for escaped/reserved admin access to LAN (if MAIN internat channel down). (For configure pfSense or resolve user's problem on LAN workstations)

    Thanks for URL

  • if you just want to get into pfsense remotely, you could use an external modem plugged into the serial port and enable the serial console. If you set the modem to auto-answer, you should be set. Dial into it with your terminal emulator of choice and you should have the pfsense console menu.

    Haven't tried this with pfsense, but I do this with Cisco routers into the serial console ports and it works fine.

  • I need also access to LAN - this very impotant
    Thanks for answer's - i found man FreeBSD about this theme.

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