Port redirection, FROM parameter

  • Hello all,

    Will it be possible, in the beta 2, to choose the "FROM" parameter in the RDR rules.
    Today, when you make a port redirection rule, you choose the "outside" port (or range) and IP, the "inside" IP and port (or range) but we can't choose for who it applies.
    By default rules are made like this : rdr on iface1 from any to iface1 port 1234 -> ip1 port 1234
    It would be so nice to choose something else for the "from" parameter.
    For example if I have to redirect subnet 1 to port 1234 and subnet 2 to port 1235 I can't do it.


  • Not likely, we are not adding features.  We are only adding a new option when it corrects a bug.  Unfortunately this is not a bug and you can control it more tightly with firewall rules.