Developer vs community package list?

  • I'm making an assumption, which is that the packages submitted by the core development team are tested and/or updated regularly in accordance with the core pfSense release cycle.  Is that accurate?

    If so, is there a way to determine which packages are submitted by the pfSense team, and which are submitted by the community?

  • That's one thing I definitely want to clarify, haven't come up with a good answer at this point. There aren't many packages that we've created, but we do maintain many of them to some extent (what extent typically varies depending on what a customer is willing to pay for on a particular day). Some were submitted by the community but we took up maintenance, some are strictly community managed, and some are probably important and widely used enough that if the community maintainer disappeared we would take over as much as resources permitted. There isn't a straight forward answer to the question, hence no such list or other designation exists.

  • Thanks for the reply - it's important for me to know that developers will attempt to step in on a package if paid support time permits.

  • We support all the packages as best we can for support customers under their purchased hours. We're not necessarily all-knowing experts on every single one of them, but we know all of them to some degree, and can generally figure out anything we don't know. The main difference under commercial support on packages vs. base system is we can't vouch for the quality of packages. We'll fix any base system issues that are encountered (which is rare) at no cost to the customer, but can't provide any such assurance with any package other than our AutoConfigBackup. If a customer has an issue with a package and wants to put their purchased time towards fixing it, we can almost always accommodate, we just can't do it for free like we do for the base system.

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