Does Traffic Shaping affect PPTP?

  • Just checking:
    I have activated PPTP. Is it recommended to activate traffic shapping then?
    (How will the one affect the other?)
    I am asking this because of the message when the Traffic Shaping wizard is started, concerning the bridging. Also I have read somewhere that it could mess pfsense up….  ???  :-\

  • You can turn on shaping with PPTP enabled. However it will only shape the PPTP traffic itself but not the traffic inside the PPTP tunnel. For example you could give PPTP higher priority over other traffic.

  • :D Ach, I get it. Thanks.
    Because (in this context) for PfSense PPTP is just plain traffic, which goes over the WAN. And because all the WAN traffic gets shaped, therefore PPTP (IPSec/OpenVPN etc) too.

  • It's a kernel ordering thing - PPTP happens before it hits the firewall portion that does the traffic shaping, so it's PPTP traffic already at that point.

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