VLAN (tagged/trunk) setup with HP 1810 switch driving me NUTS

  • I'm trying to setup a couple of VLANs on my home network. (for the sake of this message, I'm confining my inquiry to only one particular VLAN)
    I'm pretty sure I've got everything setup on pfs correctly for the VLANs and I'm pretty sure I've got the HP switch properly configured….but apparently somewhere in all this, there's a misconfig.

    This is on an Alix 2D3
    I have VLAN40 configured on vr2
    Here's what it looks like from the pfs CLI:

    vr2_vlan40      VLAN tag 40, parent interface vr2
    VLAN40 (opt4)            -> vr2_vlan40 ->

    I've also setup a DHCP service to run on VLAN40 and hand out the appropriate address range.

    The Ethernet port on pfs is connected to a port on the HP switch that is configured with only VLAN40 as Tagged.
    As a test, I've also setup another port on the HP switch as an 'access' port for VLAN40 so I can see if the laptop on that port can get a DHCP or, if configured statically, can PING the .40.1 address assigned to the VLAN40 interface.

    So, no lease and no PING replies on the test laptop.

    I've been through the pfs Definitive Guide, and through a lot of Google searches and have completely run out of ideas.  Like I said, best I can tell, it's all setup correctly at this point.

    Would love to hear ANY ideas here for things to try! thnx.

  • Your setup sounds fine. it usually requires a reboot after setting up an interface for vlans on sense. also check that the config of the switch says the access port has a pvid of 40 and that there is a default pass all firewall rule on the vlans interface.

  • pfs has certainly been rebooted.
    Had forgotten to mention in the original post that there is a pass any/any rule setup for VLAN40 already.
    For the switch port that has the test laptop attached, confirmed that it has a PVID of 40.

    One thing I'm not 100% certain about though is the port/VLAN setup on the switch port that is going to pfs.
    Right now, I have it setup for no Untagged and to Tag VLAN40.  So in this case, when I look at the PVID, it says "None".  This seems correct to me though.  I'm basically telling the switch to operate that port as a 'trunk' (Cisco trunk) port and tag VLAN40.  But should I also be including a default VLAN here and throw VLAN1 back in there as an Untagged VLAN?  (which I've tried and does't make this work)

  • I have the same switch here and your setup sounds fine….
    Troubleshoot by removing the switch from the setup, connect a pc directly to pfsense vr2 configured with a vlan  of 40 and look at the output of tcpdump on pfsense.
    Sorry, I am out of ideas here...

  • Hi ck42,

    Did you ever get this resolved? I'm trying to setup VLANs with a HP 1810G. I have spent 2 full days pouring over every resource i can locate and am still a little stumped.


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