Packet loss

  • We are running pfsense 1.0.1 and the RRD graph shown 5% packes loss. If the upload speed is near to the limit then it will be some packet loss. We have already configure the ACK, Up/Down limit as the "forum" said. Moreover we have two similar network and one of them is working properly.
    Config (both):
    WRAP pfsense 1.0.1, 8M/512K ADSL, 6800K/410K Queue

    Any idea?

  • The packet loss is cause by the quality pings to the gateway that are not answered. Some ISPs setup their equipement to only answer ICMP at low priority so this might be the case here. Also note that by default the qualitypings are going into the default queue so if you have other traffic assigned to high priority queues this traffic will overrun those pings from time to time. You could add some trafficshaper rules to send the quality pings to a high quality queue I think but depending on what you want to see on this graph that doesn't make sense as traffic running in the default queue will see some drops from time to time when high priority traffic is there.

  • I used the Shaper Wizard and I have done some tweaks:
    Default the P2Pqueue
    OthersL for a FTP download
    HTTP, ICMP, Mail, DNS in OthersH
    VoiP and game in Voip queue
    and the hightest priority for ACK
    Root is 6800/410Kbyte
    P2PDown has 80% P2PUP has 50% limit

    In my case this config work propetly. I use bittorrent at full speed.
    My friend has a same config (just a little more computer) and he has a packet loss Always! (I haven't got any) I use the line at full speed and working, he had just a little upload and there is some packet loss. We have a same internet connection.

  • What NIC types do you use and what type do your friend use?

  • I use WRAP 1E-2 and he has 1E-1.

  • Make sure his unit has the latest BIOS.

  • Same BIOS v1.11
    Yesterday he tried the vmware and it has the same problem. usage: 1M/300K packet loss: 2-6% I think when the upload reach the P2Pup limit it getting worse. Curretly thze usage is 1M/140K and no packet loss.

  • I think we found the problem.
    P2P was the default queue and when the upload reached the upload limit it was some packet loss.
    Now we change the rules: OthersL the default queue and the last rule catch everything to the P2Pqueue. It seems working for a day. I used this type of Traffic Shaping that's why my system was working.
    We had the same problem on WRAP with 1.01, 1.2b1 and VMware with 1.01.

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