Which cpu is sufficient for a 100Mb/s symmetric link

  • Anybody has experience with shaping a link like this, and is willing to share his is knowledge?

  • How many users on the network at the sometime?

  • around 1000 users,

    btw I taught that the amount off user didn't have that many impact as the amount off throughput.

    but annyway cheers  :P

  • Ahh.  :D

    My advise would be getting a quad core CPU if your doing about 1000 users at the sametime as traffic shaping would take some CPU

    Francis :)

  • A quad core cpu isn't required.  Even an Atom will push that kind of bandwidth. The number of users doesn't matter so much as the throughput (in both bandwidth and PPS) when considering the CPU.  You may need more RAM (about 2GB will suffice) though.

    More importantly, what packages/ features do you intend to run?  Packages like Snort, Squid and HAVP will require more processing power and much more ram.

    If you need VPN on that link, then you should look into the newer Core i processors.

  • Thanks for the reply,

    For now it will only handle traffic shaping.
    Little info about deployment,
    This deployment will be in a school and we want to use for every user a up and down queue. So the bandwidth is divided by the amount of user, and staff members will get more.

  • PRES,

    I would reconsider userbased Up-down q's!
    Departements will do fine.

    And then again, it's the traffic type you gonna shape, not the user q!
    Departements then again should be or VLAN'd and/or Subnetted (higher security) so you can wel…. if you have a network that large most of these things are in place!

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