Cannot ping pfsync interfaces

  • I have setup two servers running v2.01 and I cannot get pfsync to work. I have two dedicated interfaces named pfsync. They are enabled and a rule was created to allow any access. I cannot ping either servers pfsync interface. I am pinging from one server to the other. Also when I try to sync the two servers primary to the backup I always get the following error: a communication error occured while attempting xmlrpc with username admin….. I have connected the interfaces with a crossover cable and I even tried a small switch in between with staight cable. I am new to the redundancy part of pfsense and am hopeful to get it up and running. Thanks for any help.

  • on the interface you need to allow the pfsync traffic, start with an allow all rule

  • It might be that your rule is somehow incorrect as in it need to allow ANY protocol and not just TCP/UDP. You will need to make sure that the rule is set on both systems.
    Also, make sure you have the password correct in the settings.

  • By far no expert here, but maybe also check if the IP adresses assigned to the pfSync interfaces have the right subnet mask /24 or something and are different from the WAN and LAN ?
    And check firewall rules, see if anything gets blocked in the "status\system logs\firewall". If really paranoid go to the console/putty and run a "tcpdump -en ICMP" check the ping is leaving through the right interface.

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