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  • All,

    Purely because there's an irrational sensitivity to things being red where I am (Let's just say there's a collision with a sense of ownership of the color red!):

    I copied the excellent pfsense_ng theme and modified only the color scheme to be blue. I am not a graphic artist, coder, web monkey or related so there may be some rough edges and things I missed. However if you too would like to throw this onto your 2.1 system, just untar the file from my DropBox link in /usr/local/www/themes and pfsense_ng_blue will show up as a theme alternative. I am not responsible for any Windows NT flashbacks because of the white text on dark blue with a grey border headers…  ::)  ;D

    I tried to keep the red letters in the pfSense logo, but if I've violated anything, my sincere apologies!  :o

    Changing the style sheets (*.css) took about 10 minutes, changing the "hard" colored graphical elements took quite a bit longer, so be warned if you fancy, say, doing a green redition yourself.

    Yeah it's silly and trivial, but sadly DID make my life easier!



    P.S. Since this is my first post I don't know what the best way to share this file is, and my DropBox version obvioulsy won't be there forever, so some advice on where to post this file is welcome. Apparently the forum limit is 300kB. :-)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The screenshot looks decent, as a start if nothing more. :-)

    There is a blue theme out there already based on pfsense_ng but it's the one that ships on devices sold by Netgate (such as Alix)

    Typically submitting themes has been done on the forum like you're doing, by posting a file somewhere for people to download and try. You could also sign up on github and submit a pull request with your theme in it (check the github docs), or someone else here might be willing to help you create a package to install it.

  • Nice. Will that work on the NanoBSD too, I presume?

    In any case, this is a welcome addition, since the red makes me a bit too edgy ;)
    There's enough red in the traffic graphs, etc. to not get the blues…

    There are a few minute glitches in the theme (you know, the nit-picking kind, such as that the various blue tints aren't perfectly coordinated with each other), but I think overall it works much better, because things that need to command attention by being red don't drown in a sea of red, but stick out. e.g. services that are not running and have the white X on red symbol next to them stick out, and the red for the various graphs makes a good contrast to draw attention to the information. Similarly, red input boxes suitable for aliases do stand out and are noticed.
    There was just too much red before. So this will be my new default theme.

    Thanks! That just made the day as far as computing related things go.

  • The recommened method of submitting files is signing up at github, fork the pfsense repo.

    Make changes, commit to your repo and then submit a pull request.

  • @databeestje:

    The recommened method of submitting files is signing up at github, fork the pfsense repo.

    Make changes, commit to your repo and then submit a pull request.

    For a theme? What's the recommended method of swatting flies? An RPG?  :P  ;D

    Seriously: Anyone with considerably more skill in this sort of thing than I, please upload to your github, package it up in a repo, or whatever.

    "I'm a quick and dirty hacker, not a developer!"

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