CP and squid

  • Dears

    Hi for every one

    I need to know the CP must work with squid or it can work alone?

    I make All step to CP but it not work alone no login page appear and the ping to pfsense from client is stop but he can browse and he cant let yahoo messenger work but when I install squid and choose transparent the login pager appear

    My configure
    DHCP server
    DNS forwarder
    enable thw CP
    Idle time 10
    popup window
    local database and I add some users
    dual wan
    thats it

  • Squid and CP won't work together. Search the forum, it has been discussed before.

  • Its work just with transparent squid  ??? ??? ???

    Icant make it work without squid :o :o :o

    any idea?

  • It's a design limitation currently. Unless you have a transparent squid in front of the WAN of the CP enabled interface it won't work I think.

  • Ok, how do i understand this now…

    Captive portal does not work anyway with squid transparent installed... ?

    I have squid installed and it works, BUT:

    Only IP-Filtering works, no MAC-Filtering and I do NOT see the auth page nor am I redirected to it.

    I'm using CP with WLAN ATH0 Atheros Chipset...

    Any ideas or normal behaviour thet MAC auth dows not work and redirect does not occur with squid ?

  • hi majedalanni

    i have the following setup and every thing works fine with me since i started using pfsense with all previous versions untill 1.2:

    squid = transparent

    enable captive portal: checked
    interface: lan
    disable concurrent logins: checked
    local user manager: selected

    all done


  • I've had success using it in this manner as well just to confirm.

  • The problem I am having is with CP and squid trans. ON

    any addresses set for unauth access, they will  return a squid error unless you are authenticated



  • I'm now using CP & transparent squid together.  Actually squid is bound to two different interfaces on my box and it still works great.

  • I use pfsense as captive portal + squid in transparent mode:
    is there the way to make work msn and skype ?



  • hi

    all applications are working with my clients, my setup is as follows:

    squid page general settings:
    proxy interface: lan
    allow users on interface: checked
    transparent proxy: checked
    enabled logging: checked, "useful for squid report"

    squid cache management:
    keep all with default values and modify as per your computer specifications
    enabled offline mode: checked

    captive portal:
    enable captive portal checked
    interface: lan
    idel timeout: 10 minutes
    concurrent user logins: checked
    authentication: local user manger "make sure you add users

    all done

    all applications should be working with your clients

    good luck

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