DNS and two WAN's using OpenDNS. Suggestions?

  • I am running the internet for a small hotel and we have two lines in to the hotel. I just noticed that it is recommended to have at least one unique DNS address for each WAN. So to have one primary and one secondary I need four IP adresses for DNS?

    Also, when I look at the dashboard for pfSense, I see as the first DNS, but I never set that up. Will this make any problems?

    EDIT: Of course, looking a bit further I found more about the DNS forwarder. What is the advantages/disadvantages of using it?

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    You can have just one DNS per WAN, but it's not ideal. If you are using OpenDNS filtering, then one per WAN is likely sufficient.

    Using the DNS forwarder for the firewall can make DNS faster all-around for the system itself, since it will take advantage of dnsmasq's simultaneous queries and caching.

  • Sorry for the late reply.

    The way I am reading the comment in pfSense is that I can not use the same DNS'es for both WAN. So I have set up two DNS'es for each WAN and they are not the same. Am I thinking the right way here? Or could I have used the same two DNS'es for both WAN?

    For WAN1 I am using and
    For WAN2 I am using and

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