Mirrored Installation w/ slices = Failed

  • Latest version of 2.0.1-Release x86.
    I'm trying to partition and mirror a drive during install.  It errors right at the end of the drive setup, and prior to file copy.

    I'm guessing I've hit a bug, but I thought I'd throw it out there.  Maybe someone has a workaround.

    FYI: I'm having the same problem as the user in this thread:

    Execution of the command

    cd / dev && / bin / test-pfSenseMirrors1e | | /bin/sh MAKEDEV pfSenseMirrrors1e

    Failed with a return code of 2.

    The relevant line in the log is:
    MAKEDEV: Can't open MAKEDEV: No such file or directory.

    My understanding is the MAKEDEV script is no longer included in the later versions of FreeBSD.

    I'm partitioning off /var and /usr, based on marcelloc's experience in this thread.

    (He implements machine redundancy instead of drive redundancy, so he hasn't personally run into this issue.)

    My thanks for any/all advice.

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    Why not just use the gmirror option in the installer to make a mirror for you?

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