Mustek ups problem limited or no connectivity

  • Hi,
    I have a strange problem: my pfsense machine based on pc it's wired to ups mustek 600 usb, it's working but when power is off from outlet and pc is working with power from ups-battery is working untill power is up from outlet in that moment on lan interface i got limited or no connectivity :( in that shot time when power is back and ups is changing from battery to 220v outlet….i got that, pfsense is not answering anymore....
    Ups is wired with management on serial with nut package.


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    Does it make any difference if the UPS is not connected by USB?

    I have seen several electronic devices fail to work properly when a UPS was either on battery or recharging the battery. Usually it's a flaky or faulty PSU to blame.

  • Well, ups is connected on serial port because i was not able to make it work on usb, on serial is working fine, i got that problem only on this case: power is off from outlet, ups is on battery working and after power is on from outlet , on that moment i got limited or no connectivity like pfsense is frozen….but no crash report generated after plug out and plug in power, i should try to see if is working without management without serial cable   from ups to pfsense.

    Thanks !

  • without managment is working

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