WAN + Atheros + startup

  • Hi,

    I use Atheros WLAN Card as WAN and psense 1.2.
    My problem: after a reboot of my pfsense I have to go into the webintaface –> WAN and manually press the "save" button so that script is executed again and the card gets connection otherwise the card wouldn't get any connection. I think the bootup script for that might be broken or missconfigured.
    I've hadn't had this problem the last pfsense version I used ... but I allready know that problem from a few versions before. There was the problem that the signal strange wasn't that high how I configured in the "Webinterface --> WAN"-site ... so after every reboot I had to go in to the webinterface --> WAN again and press "save" again so that the script used what I choosed in the signal power field.



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