Multi-WAN with High Latency on one ISP

  • I have a multi-WAN setup with 2 WANs (WAN and OPT1WAN) and 2 internal LANs (LAN and OPT2LAN) on pfSense 2.0.1.

    I have them in a load-balanced configuration with a WANtoOPT1WAN gateway and a OPT1WANtoWAN gateway (tiers setup to match respectively) with a LoadBalance gateway with both assigned as tier 1.

    WAN is a cable connection with an static IP assigned that is external routable (gateway, DNS entries as well).
    OPT1WAN is a PPPoE connection with the modem assigning internal addresses (172.16..) to the interface on pf. External routable address is assigned on the modem.

    The monitor IP for each are setup as the first DNS entry for each WAN interface (second one taken from the modem configuration).

    Firewall rules have been setup on each LAN interface with the gateway option selected for the LoadBalance gateway and ANY protocol allowed.

    Both work, but the latency on the WAN interface is horrible when the OPT1WAN interface is connected (600-700ms). OPT1WAN is fine when they are both connected. With just WAN, the latency is fine (10ms).

    I've tried the "Disable reply-to on WAN rules", "Allow default gateway switching" and "Gateway Monitoring switch" toggles, but nothing seems to work. I've contacted the ISP and they say everything checks out on their end.

    Anyone have any additional suggestions?

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