[SOLVED] Squid - A Few Questions

  • Trying to access the following URL and getting an error in the middle of the page saying 'There are no translations available yet' however when not being pfsense it works find and pulls up options to book.


    I've added the domain to the whitelist but its still not showing the entire page.

    Any ideas on why a portion of the page is being block and how to enable squid not to filter it out?

  • I mind as well add another thing I cant figure out to this thread that relates to SquidGuard/ProxyFilter.

    So under Proxy Filter -> Common ACL I've for a few Target Rules List to block Ads, Porn, Warez, etc. Anyways there is a site that these target rules blocks, which is great because its working. However I would like to allow a specific site to pass through. I've added this site to the Proxy Server -> ACL's -> Whitelist section but for some reason its still blocked. I'm guessing that this does not override the ProxyFilter.

    Is there a way to tell the Proxy Filter to go ahead and allow a specific site even though it flags it?

  • Figured it Out.

    Exclude domain/URL from blacklist

    In the squidGuard GUI (Services > Proxy Filter):

    Open Target categories page
        Click + to add a new item
        Enter a name for the category - 'myWhitelist' for example.
        Add domains and/or URL's to the lists as needed. Entries should be separated by a space. The examples on the page show how entries should be formatted.
        As with the Common ACL discussed previously, you may set redirect and logging options specific to this category.
        Open Common ACL or Groups ACL page (where you want to make an exclusion).
        Click Target Rule List to expand the list of categories. The newly created category should show alphabetically in the list, above any blacklist categories. Find the MyWhiteList entry in the list and select white.
        Return to the General Settings tab and press Apply.

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