[ER] Update notification: show only unseen updates

  • Here's the thing: the Dashboard shows me there's a new update.

    I check the changes, and decide not to upgrade, because they are too minimal

    Dashboard still shows me there's a new update.

    Now, like a person with OCD I feel compelled to constantly check if this is the same update I already decided is not worth doing, or if there's a newer one, and what's changed in that.

    It would be so much nicer if one could mark a particular update as "acknowledged", "seen", "skip", or whatever term one ends up choosing, and then the red "Update available" would disappear from the Dashboard, until a newer, unseen, not-yet-skiped update comes along.

    A mechanism like that would help me keep my sanity ;)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Given that is only an issue with tracking snapshots, I doubt anyone would want to code it. But if the code happens to appear, we'd probably include it.

    Deciding not to use an update that is an actual 'official' update would never be recommended, as the previous versions are not generally supported once a new version is out, and typically include beneficial security updates.

    And FYI- even if you don't see changes in the commit log you liked that doesn't mean that there aren't other changes, for example yesterday we picked up fixes for two FreeBSD security SA's (openssl again, and crypt) but because we track the security branches automatically, nothing would show up in our commits for that.

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