Hotel Internet Setup with pfSense

  • So I got another client who switched to Comcast Business from Satellite Internet (slooow) and I am considering installing a pfSense router.  The hotel already has the necessary hardware in place including wireless access points besides the wired connections.  What I would like to do is something like McDonalds has setup which is basically once you're connected you are redirected to a webpage where you have to read and agree to the terms and conditions and then click accept and you're online.  The internet will be free of charge so no payment system needed, just like McDonalds.

    -How do I separate the public access internet from the hotel's business systems like reservation system, payment system, etc?  Is putting the public access internet on a separate set of LAN IPs gonna isolate it from the rest of the hotel even though they are connected to the same pfSense device or are there additional settings that need to be configured?

    -How do I limit the amount of access of internet per 24 hours of stay to like 5GB of usage?

    -Can I setup something like if a client reaches 5GB then pfSense can alert me?

  • Wow, I just saw the "Captive Portal" section in this forum, but I thought it was meant for the Untangle software?  How do I access this in pfSense if available?  And I still need answers to the questions in my first post please?

  • Please try to use search, all your questions have been answered in the past

  • Of course, I did try to use search in the top right next to Logout, but it didn't help.

    Edit: Ok I see what went wrong here. If I'm in a subforum, that search bar only searches within that section.  I was in the General Discussion when I tried and it showed nothing. That's kinda deceptive and should be fixed  :-\

  • try with google, "search whatever you need"

  • You just need to enable captive portal, setup your firewall rules accordingly, and ensure layer 2 isolation. To separate the guest network from the hotel's internal network, most commonly use VLANs, or in larger hotels, completely separate physical networks (and at times a separate firewall entirely on the hotel internal network, though that's not strictly necessary, some hotels require running that way as policy).

    Detailed info in on captive portal and VLANs in general.

    We're very experienced with these kinds of networks (several hotel Internet providers use a rebranded pfSense for their captive portal), would be glad to assist via commercial support, link in my signature.

    No, our captive portal section has no relation to Untangle. :P They're late to that game, we've had that capability for many years longer and I'd estimate we have nearly as many installs running captive portal as they have total installs.

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