Can my pfsense box handle FIOS speed bump

  • Hello,
    I currently have 1.6 dual core atom cpu with 4gigs of ram gigabit cards. I plan to upgrade my fios to 150/65 tier or maybe even the 300/65 tier. There are about ~6users on and we don't use anything besides traffic shaping and use a lot of open connections.

    Can my current setup handle it or nope? If not what the min requirement?

  • Yep. That hardware could probably route dual 300/65 fios lines. Packages at that rate, you'd have to play with it.

    …Not that I'm planning on doing that or anything. :P

  • even up to 300/65 should pose no problems.

  • Should be fine unless you plan on installing Snort IDS or other resource intensive packages.

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