Monitoring my VoIP queue

  • Hi all,

    We've got server infrastructure at a colocation facility whose broadband connections easily exceed 100Mbps.  However, because they charge us based on bandwidth utilization (at the 95th percentile), we throttle traffic on our pfSense 2.01 core router to around 9 or 10Mbps.  With that bandwidth limit enabled, our WAN pipe is saturated: Status > Queues shows that we're dropping hundreds of packets per minute, but it's okay because it's mostly bulk traffic (i.e. offsite backup data).

    We've just implemented an Asterix-based VoIP server in this facility, and so I've implemented pfSense's Traffic Shaping.  Voice call quality is fine despite the saturated WAN line, so it must work, yayyyyyyy love pfSense!

    However, while calls are in progress, if I examine Status > Queues, I do not see any traffic going through the VoIP queues.  I'm talking 0 pps.  This doesn't make sense to me, since I know the WAN connection is saturated, so I would expect Traffic Shaping to be seriously in effect.  Because call quality is good, that seems to indicate that Shaping is indeed working.  Why aren't the Queues showing it?

    Here's our queue rules:

    altq on  vr1 hfsc bandwidth 9000Kb queue {  qACK,  qDefault,  qVoIP  }
    queue qACK on vr1 bandwidth 19% hfsc (  ecn  , linkshare 19%  ) 
    queue qDefault on vr1 bandwidth 9.5% hfsc (  ecn  , default  , upperlimit 9000Kb  ) 
    queue qVoIP on vr1 bandwidth 32Kb hfsc (  ecn  ,  realtime 450Kb )

    altq on  vr0 hfsc queue {  qLink,  qInternet  }
    queue qLink on vr0 bandwidth 20% qlimit 500 hfsc (  ecn  , default  , upperlimit 9000Kb  ) 
    queue qInternet on vr0 bandwidth 9932.8Kb hfsc (  ecn  , linkshare 9932.8Kb  , upperlimit 9932.8Kb  )  {  qACK,  qVoIP  }
    queue qACK on vr0 bandwidth 19.936% hfsc (  ecn  , linkshare 19.936%  ) 
    queue qVoIP on vr0 bandwidth 450Kb hfsc (  ecn  ,  realtime 450Kb )

    Any thoughts?



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