MultiWAN with same gateway, sticky connections drops almost 50% of traffic

  • In a multiwan setup (load balancing), with pppoe and same gateway, enabling sticky connections causes some (50%+) of the connections to be droped.

    When sticky enabled if you open a web page, some loads and some don't.

    I've tested sticky in 2.0 betas, 2.0 final and now in a 2.0.1 clean installation, never worked for me.

    Any advice how to troubleshoot this? Are sticky connections working fine for anyone with multiwan with same gateway in the wans?

  • Not sure for PPPoE but as far as I know MuliWAN never works as long as all links use the same gateway.
    Sticky connections has nothing to do with that.

  • iirc PPPoE is a special case, where having the same gateway on more than one links works (for pfsense v2.0.1+).

  • Setup works fine with same gateway with sticky disabled, enabling sticky is causing the problems with dropped connections.

  • Sticky with multiple PPPoE with the same gateway isn't going to work correctly.

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