2 LANs cannot talk to each other

  • I have 1 WAN connection coming in, and I've recently tried to segment my wireless from my wired LAN:

    WAN –> LAN ( DHCP) --> Switch, etc...
          --> WLAN ( DHCP) --> WAP

    Both can get to the internet just fine, but WLAN cannot talk to anything on LAN, and LAN cannot talk to anything on WLAN. I guess I'm not sure how to set up PFsense to allow them to communicate. I added rules to accept all traffic from source WAN and WLAN respectively. But it's like there is some missing bridge between the two LANs that isn't forwarding the data between the NICs. What else do I need to do to get this working?

    Eventually I want to get 2 WLANs setup, one for guest (that cannot access other computers, much like I happen to have here), and the other that can access LAN. I might try to use VLANs for that.

  • Actually, I guess this is working correctly. I simply didn't have the static IP setup correctly on the linux server I was using to test that it was working.

    But while I have people's attentions… is all that is required to allow the two networks/subnets talk to each other a rule that doesn't block traffic between the two networks? Or should there be some more that is required?

  • Default any any rule should do the job on the another nic. Another nic needs also the same kind of rule.

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