Tomato-like traffic shaping rules

  • I have used Linux (both native iptables + tc, as well as via the various front-ends) QoS for many years, but haven't really delved into ALTQ / pfsense.

    How would one replicate in pfSense the traffic shaping functionality seen in the attached screenshot from Tomato (one of many Linux-based "alternative" firmwares for consumer routers), where priority is lowered after the first # KBytes of traffic have been pushed (thus suggesting a bulk transfer) ?

    As far as I can tell, altq doesn't support qos rules based on byte-count, so one would have to try with HFSC and m1/d/m2 ?

  • There is something in private development that can do that.
    Not sure if it will ever be put on public releases.

  • I would love to see something like this.

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