Informations about gmirror / geom-mirror integration?

  • I am interested in installing pfSense on a software RAID 1. However the only information I could find about this is that the installer supports it ( I couldn't find any information about the integration of the raid support into pfSense:

    1. How about monitoring RAID status from the webinterface? how about email notifications?
    2. How about replacing a failed disk - just plug in the new disk or do I have to run some commands (according to I have to run some commands, but maybe it's better integrated in pfsense?).
    3. Any disadvantages over a real RAID controller? (except for performance, which I don't care about as there isn't relevant disk access from within pfsense)


    Thanks for any hint!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We had most of that info on the doc wiki, not sure why it was removed.

    I added it back.

  • thank you jimp,

    somehow I didn't get a mail notification, so I saw your reply just now. Are there plans for extending the RAID support, e.g. mail notification, spare disks and just needing to insert a new drive that gets automatically used/added as spare? I don't know if that's possible, but as RAID 1 mirrors everything, shouldn't it be also possible to mirror to some kind of loopback device, so one can create a complete image of the pfsense installation while it's running for backup purposes? :-)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    not sure what the plans are there.

    Eventually we'll have a more full-featured notifications system but that won't be ready any time soon. When that happens, notifying of a mirror failure would be possible.

    Not sure about mirroring to a loopback device or anything like that, that's all up to gmirror. We can't really automate a lot there safely.

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