Limiters under 2.1-BETA0 ?

  • I just happened to notice that on pfsense 2.1-BETA0 2-Jun-2012 the limiters don't seem to work. Although my system still creates a /tmp/rules.limiter file, I can't seem to find any references to those limiters in my rules.debug file, and no bandwidth limits are imposed.

    Limiters used to work on 2.1-DEVEL when I last checked a few days ago.

  • Still no luck with limiters under 2.1-BETA0 4-Jun-2012.

  • It seems that the cause of this problem was the upgrade code issue described in,50182.0.html

    I had to fix the config by hand:

    $ diff config.xml ../pfsense2.1-config-fw.localdomain-20120529162500.xml
    < <version>8.7</version>

    < <ipprotocol>inet</ipprotocol>
    < <dnpipe>Downlimiter</dnpipe>
    < <pdnpipe>Uplimiter</pdnpipe>

    < <number>1</number>

    < <number>2</number>


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