Changed timezone names since 8 May 2012 zoneinfo.tgz updated

  • This is just a note for systems in less-common timezones. FreeBSD 8.3 has an updated set of timezone data, and on 8 May 2012 a matching /usr/share/timezone.tgz was committed to pfSense 2.1. So, in builds after 8 May, the FreeBSD 8.3 set of timezone names and the list shown in the dropdown on the System:General Setup page are the same. This is good stuff.
    If you had a timezone selected in your config that is now obsolete, you need to select your correct timezone from the updated list in System:General Setup. (The old obsolete name will be hanging around in config.xml)
    I noticed the following 3 spelling or city name change updates (There are plenty of others…):
    Asia/Katmandu -> Asia/Kathmandu
    Asia/Calcutta -> Asia/Kolkata
    Asia/Saigon -> Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh

    When 2.1 is formally released and lots of people upgrade from 2.0.n, then this is one little thing for a small percentage of people to look out for.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    IIRC I also committed that update to 2.0.x so when 2.0.2 comes out (RSN) the same applies there.

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