LCD on Panda GateDefender 8100?

  • Hi!

    I just installed Pfsense on a Panda GateDefender 8100. It works perfectly with 2 Gigabit interfaces and a PCI-slot for a wireless card. The unit has a small LCD display on the front. I have seen people gotten the package LCDproc to show stuff on the display. I wonder if someone knows what Com port, Display size and driver the display uses? Or can help me find out? I have tried some of the Com ports and drivers, but with no luck so far.

    I'm afraid i'm a FreeBSD Terminal newbie (been running Pfsense since forever though..) - is there any terminal command to identify the display?

    Two pictures on the display:

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    It looks like it has an interface adapter on the back. I can't quite read what the model number is.
    The first thing I would do is write down all the numbers from both parts of the display and Google them.
    There may also be a clue on the motherboard where the display connects.


  • looks like MTB134 to me.  Same as EZIO100.  Unfortunately, it is NOT supported.

  • Thanks for the replys stephenw10 and acro-ii. I will open up the other one (i got 2 of these) and double check for model numbers. Hopefully it it supported.

    acro-ii, if it's a MTB134, is it possible that it will be supported in the future?

    Edit: Yep, it was MTB134. Damnit!

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    I remember looking into it but I forget how close we got. Search the forum for the relevant thread.
    I do remember it not working though.  :(


  • I've got one on a portwell NAR that I would love to have working.  I know the feeling!

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    There exists a driver for lcdproc 0.4, here.
    It requires some rewriting for 0.5x as there were some changes made to lcdproc at that time. However:


    If you rewrite it for 0.5 (which is not difficult), it can become part of
    the distro (0.4.4 is frozen).

    Some differences for 0.5:

    • It uses a pointer that functions as a 'this' or 'self' pointer for the
      driver data. See other drivers and the docs (I thought this was
      documented already ?).
    • Allocate a private data struct for driver variables so you can run
      multiple instances of the driver.
    • You should not use the driver arguments anymore. Instead use the
      configfile functions.
    • Some driver functions have been removed.
    • Some functions have a fall-back alternative. This means that if you
      don't define them, LCDd will provide the functionality.
    • Keystuff works with names instead of letters. Therefore the getkey
      function is now called get_key. Usually the keynames to use are read from
      the config file.

    You could try to install lcdproc 0.44 to test the driver. You would first need to compile it which might be tricky against 0.44.


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