BETA0: weird DHCP problem and packages not available at all

  • I've been doing some testing on newest snap and had few problems. Most of them are solved, but two are not.

    1. I have DHCP running on 3 interfaces - one for LAN clients, one for wireless clients and one for VoIP phones. When on BETA0 (tested snap from Jun 3rd) all my clients from LAN and wireless are receiving their IPs, however IP phones are not. I've investigated a bit and it seems that DHCP request from VoIP network are not reaching pfsense. At first I thought its some network problem, but eliminated that possibility because everything I need to get is working is to go back to 2.1-DEVELOPMENT (I'm using backup with version from May 1st). Absolutely all settings are same, just pfsense version differs. Even dhcp config generated by both versions is same. Of course I've checked and on BETA0 DHCP listens on my VoIP interface, just doesn't get/log any requests. Any hints whats wrong? Any DHCP related changes between those two versions?

    2. I can't see any packages for installation. I'm just getting "unable to communicate with" error, and while I can reach the site from internal network, I can't from my pfsense box. Again, going back to 2.1-DEVELOPMENT (from May 1st) fixes the problem and I see and can install packages.

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