VOIP incoming calls problem

  • Hi,

    I have around 60 VOIP Polycom Phones, and after I look Pfsense SIP rule settings sticky, I feel like there are still something missing in my end.Because Phones can make outgoing calls however, 5-6 phones out 60 phones work for incoming calls in certain amount of time, then they stop working, then other 5 phones start working then , they stop working.Meaning some random phones work short amount of time for incoming calls then they stop working.

    So Far I configured following NAT settings and also on Rules I put the STATE TYPE to NONE. Obviously I am still missing something.

    Protocol  Source Port Destination    Port              Gateway    Queue
    TCP/UDP *   *   voip         5060 (SIP)     *         none
    TCP/UDP *   *   voip       10000 - 20000 *         none    
    TCP/UDP *   *   voip       2222 - 2268   *         none    
    TCP/UDP *   *   voip         123 (NTP)     *         none

    voip, defines an alias for the IP address range that phones have.

    I appreciate for your time and answers

  • I think the state type needs to stay at Keep State. The phone send a keep alive signal every so often. This is meant for NAT system with state keeping.

  • Are you using Manual Outbound NAT?

    Is "Firewall Optimization" set to "Conservative"?

    I have 8 sites running Polycom phones and this is all I've ever had to do to get them running.  No added rules.

  • I am using both manual outbound NAT, but my optimization is set to normal. I am running Cisco phones. I have heard that polycom phones are more forgiving.

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