• Hi guys
    First of all, i appreciate the work done on this router a lot, so far this is the best i've encountered, and i've tried them all..
    The reason i am using pfsense is because i need multi-wan and i don't have time to learn iptables routing etc
    Sorry if this was discussed anywhere else, i didn't even know what to search for.
    ok here's the setup: 1Ghz celeron w/ 256sdram, 2Gb hdd, 3 nic's
    Wan is pppoe (dyn ip), lan is lan, opt1 is wan2, static ip
    in the lan currently there is one workstation and the webserver. (so far i managed to make the server use the thicker opt1 line and the other clients use the pppoe wan)

    So here's the problem: whenever i start to use bittorent (abuse is more like it), the internet on the workstation goes down, the local webserver of the workstation takes like one minute to load a page, BUT pfsense is accessible remotely and the webserver works.
    So far i tried: setting the state table size to 5000/10000/20000, no behaviour changes; setting the firewall mode to normal/conservative/agressive, best case was agressive (loading a page from the webserver took 30 seconds :|)
    Other: nat reflection is enabled (it behaved the same even before i turned it on)
    the DNS server has some unused entries that are handled by an other dns server (could this be a problem?)
    The workstation running XP is not the problem, if i put the WAN line directly into it i can turn on as many downloads as i want to and everything works perfectly

    I would appreciate any suggestions / tweaks that would help overcome this, maybe a bit of hosting for the one that manages to help me out :D (opt1 is a 10Mbit u/d line :D)