Squid service starts then after a while stops

  • this might be vague yet since i havent seen the logs in the remote area.

    i installed pfSense-2.0.1-RELEASE-arch.iso.gz and squid package.

    i set the proxy to transparent, key in by-pass IPs, unrestricted IPs, and 2 URL blacklist.  for the whole morning it was ok and suddenly clients can no longer browse but can ping public domains.  i check the services and noticed that squid isnt running.  i started it and it says started but the indicator still says stop.  the clients can no browse again but after a while it willl not work.

    rebooted it and same ended up with the same scenario.

    please help.  thanks.

  • i've seen a similar setup but not sure if my disk space is being taken away.


  • Run df -h cmd to check disk space used.

  • i check the usage and its 85% on the main partition.

    Filesystem    Size    Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
    /dev/da0s1a    496M    389M    67M    85%    /
    devfs          1.0K    1.0K      0B  100%    /dev
    /dev/md0      3.6M    42K    3.3M    1%    /var/run
    devfs          1.0K    1.0K      0B  100%    /var/dhcpd/dev

    i allotted 1GB total HDD.  seems to be a bad move.  i cant find entry in the docs that tells how big should it be.  about 50 users are accessing this firewall.

  • I suggest you more disk space and a /var and /usr with softupdates enabled(during install) and apart from /

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