Can't Change Squid Cache Size

  • Hi all,

    I'm running Squid3 on the latest PF Sense. I've been pretty much running it with defaults and now I am trying to fine tune it a bit more. Tried to adjust the disk cache size from 100mb to 2048. Squid fails to start after restarting the service. I do not see any errors generated on the system log page.

    Jun 6 08:43:29 	squid[8837]: Squid Parent: child process 9169 started
    Jun 6 08:40:38 	dansguardian[53333]: Error connecting to proxy
    Jun 6 08:38:57 	squid[49714]: Squid Parent: child process 50228 started
    Jun 6 08:38:46 	squid[40249]: Squid Parent: child process 40832 started
    Jun 6 08:38:44 	squid[58522]: Exiting due to unexpected forced shutdown
    Jun 6 08:38:44 	squid[58522]: Squid Parent: child process 58895 exited due to signal 15 with status 0
    Jun 6 08:38:29 	check_reload_status: Reloading filter
    Jun 6 08:38:29 	php: /pkg_edit.php: Reloading Squid for configuration sync
    Jun 6 08:38:29 	php: /pkg_edit.php: [squid] xmlrpc sync is starting.
    Jun 6 08:38:27 	check_reload_status: Syncing firewall
    Jun 6 08:37:57 	check_reload_status: Reloading filter
    Jun 6 08:37:57 	squid[58522]: Squid Parent: child process 58895 started
    Jun 6 08:37:57 	php: /pkg_edit.php: Starting Squid
    Jun 6 08:37:57 	php: /pkg_edit.php: [squid] xmlrpc sync is starting.
    Jun 6 08:37:55 	check_reload_status: Syncing firewall

    Does anyone have any thoughts?


  • try to run squid -z on console/ssh

  • Thanks for your help.

    Tried the command and it created the directories, however Squid still does not load.

    Looking in the Squid config file I see my settings are reflected.

    acl dynamic urlpath_regex cgi-bin \?
    cache deny dynamic
    cache_mem 200 MB
    maximum_object_size_in_memory 32 KB
    memory_replacement_policy heap GDSF
    cache_replacement_policy heap LFUDA
    cache_dir ufs /var/squid/cache 2048 16 256
    minimum_object_size 0 KB
    maximum_object_size 2048 KB
    offline_mode offcache_swap_low 90
    cache_swap_high 95

    However running Squid from the command line does start Squid and is reflected as so in the services page.

    If I restart Squid it fails to load again. So I take it Squid will fail to start if I reboot also?



  • Try to start it on console to get the error.

    squid -NsXY or /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Running: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start I saw the following:

    2012/06/07 09:14:44| WARNING: (B) '' is a subnetwork of (A) ''
    2012/06/07 09:14:44| WARNING: because of this '' is ignored to keep splay tree searching predictable
    2012/06/07 09:14:44| WARNING: You should probably remove '' from the ACL named 'ext_manager'

    So I removed those (though I had not set it, I believe that is from Dansguardian)

    Does not solve my issue, though the error is now gone. As mentioned previously Squid started via command line fine. Its just when using the web portal that Squid fails to start. I tried putting the options back to the default (100M and 8k max size) and it fails to load now also… these were the only options I had altered. I'm starting to wonder if this is just an issue with the web interface and not the configuration...

    Managed to reboot the firewall and Squid starts normally with my changes intact. (the rules I removed above have been put back automatically by the system also)



  • @qwaven:

    As mentioned previously Squid started via command line fine. Its just when using the web portal that Squid fails to start.

    This is fixed on 2.0.2 and on 2.1, apply this patch on /etc/inc/ and see if you can restart services on pfsense.

    Marcello Coutinho

  • Thanks for the info! I copied and pasted the info over the existing file (not sure if there is a better method to for this) and it appears to be working now. Tried restarting the service = worked. Tried stopping and then starting = works.

    I believe that did it. :)


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