• I am running PFS 1.0.1 on X86 box.

    I am wondering how much effort it will be to switch to advanced outbound NAT.  I don't want to make alot of extra admin work for myself and break anything by switching to Advanced Outbound NAT.  So how much extra work will the switch create.

    I want to run an ekiga VOIP client on the LAN on one computer now.  I do have PFS remote access and another web access mapped into the firewall.  I have one external IP from the cable co.  DHCP server.

  • You click the radio button to Advanced Outbound NAT, click save, apply changes.
    It auto-creates a NAT rule for the LAN subnet to translate out the WAN address.
    Not much extra effort.

  • For basic AON, dotdash is right. But I'm guessing what you want is for SIP to not remap source ports. You can save yourself a lot of trouble just upgrading to 1.2b1, it automatically has SIP passthrough NAT rules created when AON is disabled.

  • Is there an upgrade available for the version you are talking about?  Or will I have to do a fresh install?

  • 1.2-BETA1 is available on the mirrors, there is an update available. Use firmware page to upgrade after you download the image.