Multiwan issue using load balancing + failover

  • dear friends,

    i'm using 4 interface of 6 in total that i have installed on my pfsense.

    #1 LAN >>
    #2 WAN1 >>
    #3 WAN3>>
    #4 BRANCH1 >>

    my problem is the next one. when i turn on the load balance in my pfsense 2.0.1, when i try to reach my branch office network , always output with the gateway of one of my two WAN, or both, because only find this path, previously to use the load balancing, was working perfectly , because i did in the routing tab, route, and static route to that interface, due my branch office connection has a VLAN between the router and my other network, so my endpoint server in that connection is , specify that have to go out with the interface. everything scrub up , when i change in the LAN NET rule the gateway using the loadbalance, if i set to "any" works, otherwise not. i verify using tracert in windows console.

    how i can set my pfsense, when i request, go to the interface only, using load balancing.

    Note: without the loadbalance, the static route works.

    awaiting for any possible help,


  • When you only have a rule where you have specified loadbalance_gateways then everything will try to go out that way and not follow regular routing.
    to solve this, you need an additional rule "above" the rule where you specify the loadbalance.

    rule specs:

    destination: (or whatever subnet you choose)
    gateway: do not set any

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