Pf 2.0.1 - PRIQ traffic shaping and Skype?

  • Was hoping someone might be able to help me.  I've setup PRIQ traffic shaping using the wizard (1 LAN, 1 WAN).  Down/Up of 28/4 Mbit.  In the wizard, I enabled VoIP priority (7) using the Asterisk/Vonage option so that the wizard would setup high priority queues that I could go back and edit if needed.

    Next, I went into Skype > Advanced > Connection and defined my own port for incoming connects and unchecked 'using ports 80 or 443 as alternate'.  I am able to initiate and received Skype video calls however the video quality is poor.  Whereas if I have the use port 80 and 443 options the quality is great as expected.  Since I have HTTP/HTTPS queue set to high, this would be fine.

    Also, I've noticed that while connected with Skype (and an active video session in progress), nothing shows as going into the VoIP queue?

    I've managed to successfully get traffic routed to my qP2P queue for usenet traffic (I wanted usenet in qP2P queue based on priority).  But am confused about Skype not queueing.

    I figured once I can overcome this issue I'll have a much better understanding of queueing and can pattern my other traffic off of this queues.

    I'd prefer to prioritize PRIQ by port vs. client IPs on my LAN.  Thanks in advance for the support.

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