PFsense install : network interface problem

  • Dear,

    For some time, i run PFSense on a Intel Atom 230 (singlecore, 1.6ghz) with 2GB ram.  But that only has a 100mbit network interface, and the CPU activity goes between 90 en 100%.  Way too much!

    So today i've bought a new motherboard :a Intel Atom D525mw (dualcore, 1.8ghz).

    Only problem is that the OLD motherboard the network interface is called rl0, and on the NEW motherboard his network interface is called re0.  So my idea to replace the HDD with the pfsense install (new motherboard, new ram, old HDD) isn't possible i suppose?  Can I  take a backup of pfsense settings using diagnostics > backup/restore, install PFSense again on the HDD and restore the backup?  So is PFSense smart enough to detect that eg vlans that has the name "rl0_vlan10" now has to be called "re0_vlan10"?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    When you restore the config you can edit/reassign interfaces and vlans in the gui before it reboots with the restored config.

    Otherwise, you can open up the backup and do a search/replace on the NIC names.

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