Squid & SquidGuard

  • Would like to know if Squid and Squidguard are very stable product under PfSense?
    I got some strange reactions with these products installed thougether using Transparent Proxy?

    Can I use Transparent proxy and by the same time stop the access to facebook.com with squidguard?

  • squid2 and squidguard is working stable.
    squid3 and squidguard is probably working stable, too but you need to first intall squidguard and after that squid3.

    Blocking facebook.com:
    Remember that squid in transparent mode is only filtering http traffic. If someone uses https://www.facebook.com this will not be filtered and so squidguard cannot block this.

    To filter and block https traffic your squid needs to run in non-transparent mode.

    Another possibility would be to create a host-alias and put facebook.com in this alias. Then pfsense will regularly check and resolve the IPs to this DNS entry. Now create a firewall rule and put this alias as destination ip and select "block" for this rule. you have to place this rule on top of all other firewall rules.