Why can't we rename gateways?

  • Trying to rename a gateway throws up an error saying that's not possible.
    Had to delete/recreate them to give them new names…

    If it's not possible to rename them, the name field should no longer be editable.
    Better, of course, would be allow renaming.

    Maybe long-term pfsense needs a level of indirection, where names are stored with a UUID in a table or some other immutable unique ID which is used internally where items are referenced, and item names are resolved by looking up that ID in a table upon display.... That would also have the benefit that we can't use the same name twice for different items, which could lead to (user) confusion, e.g. a gateway named WAN and an interface named WAN (haven't tried anything like that, but...)

  • Yes this would be nice to have.

  • submit a bug/feature report here http://redmine.pfsense.org/projects/pfsense

  • There's already a feature request open. The reason it's not allowed is it was easy and bug-free to prohibit renaming rather than go through the bug-prone process of going through and changing all the potential references in the config. Not a priority to change at the moment but hopefully eventually. Patches welcome.

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