What is the best requirements pfsense server

  • how about my requirements is ok or not  ???

    Processor Intel Celeron D 2.66Ghz
    Main board MSI PM8M3-V
    DDR RAM 256Mb 400Mhz Bus
    hard disk 10GB
    3 LAN Card ( LAN 1  for WAN, LAN 2 for Wireless ,and LAN 3 for local Lan )

    i think i want change my Processor with intel pentium 4 HT 3.0Ghz and upgrade RAM to 512Mb

    or can u suggest to me the best requirements pfsense server…  ??? ??? ???

  • First you need to tell us about your intended use.

    How much bandwidth will you be pushing?
    What features are you going to be using?

  • i want use for wireless server and local lan
    i have 12 pc for local lan and wireless customer around 50 users…

  • Bandwidth?

    The hardware you need for a 56 Kb/s dialup link will be rather different from that required for a 20 MB/s broadband link ;)


    Are you planning on using it for anything more than a firewall/router?

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