Suggestion of Modem & switch pls

  • Hi, guys, first time for me to come here and i believe pfsense is really a great choice for routing purpose.
    What i want to achieve is:
    ADSL modem ==> phsense server with 2 nic ==> 24 ports switch ==> a few servers and PCs.

    the adsl line has 16 public static ip address and i want all the servers assigned by public static ip address, and pcs with local ip address.

    any one can recommend me some good brand modems as well as switches?

    thanks in advance


  • what i am looking at is :
    linksys modem AM300,
    switch: EF3116 (10/100), or SR2016 (10/100/1000)

  • Is that home or office use?
    16 static IPs is something you don't have at home usually. On the other hand, it's still an ADSL connection.

    If you need gigabit internally the proposed switch should be fine for SOHO use. Personally, I'd look for something like an HP 2524 or similar. That's a 100MBit/s managed switch with 2 transciever slots and goes for roughly 100 EUR on the second hand market.

    I cannot advise on the modem.


  • well, yes it's for business purpose and mainly it's for voice purpose (Voice over IP), that's why i want to use pfsense to do the QoS and packets limitation.

  • My past experiences with dsl modems have led me to believe it is always best to transparent bridge, and let PFsense handle the states and pppoe authentication.  With some providers that only offer pppoa, pfsense may still work when you send the pppoe password.  I can advise you not to use an actiontec!  Good luck

  • for my internal LAN network I am looking at the D-LINK DGS-1248T 48 port GbE switch  $800 (CAD)

    and for my IP phones the D-LINK DES-1228P  10/100 POE switch  $449 (CAD)

    I don't have them yet, anyone tried them?